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How does caffeine affect the body?

All coffee lovers have probably heard the word caffeine many times before. But they probably don’t really care that much. How is caffeine beneficial or harmful to body us? Let’s try to get to know a little more about caffeine. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant. make you

What types of foods are flavonoids found in?

Flavonoids are one of the most powerful antioxidants. Some scientific evidence suggests that exposure to this type of substance in appropriate amounts may help prevent many diseases. Such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. Therefore it may be an alternative for health care. As mentioned above, this nutrient

Benefits Of Peanuts.

Peanuts are rich in protein, healthy fats and dietary fiber and are said to have many health properties. Such as nourishing the heart, treating and preventing diabetes, fighting cancer, or losing weight. It is also cheap compared to other types of nuts. So it is another food that is

Peanut butter and weight loss.

Although peanut butter is weight loss food that has been overlooked. Plus, some people only think about the negative effects of consuming peanut butter. However, the weight loss benefits of this food have been studied in many aspects as follows: Decreased appetite  This is because peanut butter is a food that is

Risks from canola oil that you should know before using it.

Although the benefits of canola oil are supported by many studies and scientific evidence. But there are still some disputes that cannot be reached. In addition, improper consumption can cause disease as well. Users should therefore be aware of the risks from consuming this type of oil. Such as : Too much

Phil Foden feet weigh gold.

Phil Foden feet weigh gold. Phil Foden is in hot form. So it was no surprise that he was on the scoreboard as Manchester City overcame 2-1 in the 31st minute, making Foden’s tally now five goals in six games. The last includes all items. There are calls