Eating 3 complete meals for good health

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Eating three complete meals a day seems easy. But how many people are able to eat 3 complete meals every day, given the hustle and bustle of Thai people in today’s era? Especially people in the city or large provinces, both adults of working age as well as
students often do not consume breakfast. May only consume beverages such as coffee, milk, or sugary drinks. in order to go to work or study on time

Neglecting food at each meal because of work Or rushing to escape traffic jams. will make you feel irritated Tired and not refreshed Symptoms like this are a warning signal to the body that It’s time to power up.

Breakfast the most important meal But it is the most neglected, even though breakfast helps increase energy for the body to always prepare for new things. A good breakfast must have complete nutrition. Just like any other meal. A nutrient that is often neglected is protein, which comes from various meats, including eggs, ทางเข้า ufabet pork, chicken, and fish, etc.

Lunch is also important because the body burns energy. And the stomach has already digested the food in breakfast, bringing nutrients to nourish various parts of the body. Therefore, in order for the body to receive nutrients continuously. Don’t miss lunch. But if it’s best, you should avoid very fatty menus. And you shouldn’t eat more than your body needs. Because it may make your eyelids droop in the afternoon.

Finally, dinner is a meal that many people give special importance to. Because it is a time of celebration. In fact, eating dinner requires caution and avoid high-fat menus. And you shouldn’t eat too much. Because it makes your body work harder all the time you sleep.
If each meal is not full, You can finish with one fruit or about 8-10 pieces and drink 8-10 glasses of water per day so that the body receives enough energy and various nutrients to meet its needs. Including exercising regularly every day. That’s it good health will be with us forever.

However, eating food at every meal is important. We should eat enough food in every meal to meet our body’s needs. It should also have a variety and complete nutrients. The body will receive enough energy and nutrients to meet its needs. This is for a healthy body.