Benefits of bananas.

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 Bananas are fruits that are well known to be beneficial to the body. But believe it or not, the benefits of bananas may actually be more than we ever knew. And bananas can also help with health. And beauty ever. Okay! If so, don’t wait, let’s take a look at the benefits.
 1. Can help treat migraines

           Migraine headaches are a source of great suffering for patients with this disease. And if migraine headaches come to you often, it is recommended to eat bananas to help reduce headaches. Because bananas are rich in magnesium. That will help relieve and prevent migraine headaches UFABET

2. Sleep well by eating bananas.

          Are also rich in amino acids and tryptophan. Important compound for creating serotonin in the brain which is like a natural sedative. Therefore, people who have difficulty sleeping or have always slept with restlessness I’d like to challenge you to try eating a banana after dinner.

3. Helps increase physical energy

          Vitamin C plays an important role in the body’s energy production process. And themselves are very high in vitamin C. This is the answer to why eating a banana before exercising will help increase endurance. Or anyone who feels weak, eating a banana will easily feel more energetic. 

4. Reduce stress. 

When we feel stressed Blood pressure will rise higher than normal. This process creates feelings of stress or anxiety here. The potassium contained helps to bring blood pressure back to a calm state. Nutritionally, bananas can be considered another natural sedative.