How good are its properties celery?

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From the nutrients found in celery. This makes many people want to know the properties of celery. So here benefit it is.

Cure constipation

with the amount of dietary fiber contained. It makes it no surprise that the benefits are that it helps stimulate the digestive system. And in addition, insoluble fiber also has properties that help digestion go better UFABET

Help lose weight

Celery has a lot of insoluble fiber. This fiber is said to make us feel fuller for longer. Helps you not be hungry and helps in excretion Importantly, Also low in calories. But don’t just eat alone. Should be eaten together with other foods from all 5 food groups as well.

Nourish bones
          Celery is an important source of calcium and folate. Both of these nutrients are very important for pregnant women. They also help nourish bones in children who are suffering from rickets.

Boost immunity 

Vegetables that contain a fair amount of vitamin C help maintain our health. The vitamin C in vegetables like helps stimulate the immune system. And helps stimulate immunity against disease. The more you eat it fresh, the better. It has a lot of antioxidants.

Add water to skin cells

Celery is a succulent vegetable that has a high amount of water in itself. Therefore, if you drink celery juice smoothie. It will provide the body with water to nourish the skin cells. Ready to help expel waste in the body In addition, celery also has vitamin E and vitamin C, nutrients that are good for nourishing the skin.