Former coach backs Trent to make his debut in England’s starting 11

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Former coach backs Trent to make his debut in England’s starting 11.

Former England manager Glenn Hoddle insists  right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold in the start XI under a three-man defense system.

Cow roaring lion team Arrived in Qatar, which hosts the 2022 World Cup since November 16, and they have a queue to open their first group B game against Iran. on Monday evening.

Hoddle, who is a football legend of Tottenham Hotspur and used to act as a team manager. The England international, who competed at the 1998 World Cup in France, has told the UFABET. That he will use the Reds right-back in the starting XI this time around. that

“I’m going to play in a three-back formation with two wing-backs, Trent Alexander-Arnold. will be a real starting point in my team,” said the former Three Lions boss.

In addition, Hoddle predicted that This world championship should go to two superpowers from South America. Brazil national team and Argentina national team.

Adam Bate, guru Sky Sports, analyzed interestingly that Trent’s right-back role with Liverpool, which focuses on playing games on the flank, allows him to push his potential to the next level, especially in passing the ball, creating opportunities for his teammates to score goals. and holding the game to wait for an opportunity to do so Trent’s touch average statistics in the 2020/21.

England boss Gareth Southgate Tried to catch Trent Alexander-Arnold football club Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League football. Deployed in midfield as the Three Lions beat Andorra 4-0 on Sunday night,