“Look at me as an example,” Ronaldo pointed out that young stars

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“Look at me as an example,” Ronaldo pointed out that young stars today are not the same. Ready to raise one shin, Manchester United is a great young star.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a veteran Manchester United star, has described the young players of this era as very different from the past, citing Diogo Dalot as one of the best youngsters in the world club.

Wednesday night aired the full Cristiano Ronaldo interview with Piers Morgan and Talk TV, with the 37-year-old opening up about the players. The young footballers of today

“I’m not the kind of person who likes to go around giving advice to people. But I always make an example instead. I do the same thing every day. The first to arrive at the training ground the last to leave. Which the results seen together. So I dare say to look at me example.

“But the youngsters today, no matter what league they are, are different from the generation I grew up with. We can’t blame them because it’s a kind of life. New technologies are distracting and where to focus. They may act like they’re listening to you. But in the end nothing will change. Which I’m not surprised Just have to say that it’s a shame. Because they have a good example in front of them. You should at least try to follow it.”

“For me when I was 18-19 I always trie to look for good examples. Ruud van Nistelroy, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinand, I tried to learn from them, taking care of my body, my mind and my attitude. That allowed me to be successful until today.”

When asked about the younger generation’s focus on ‘football’, Ronaldo said: ‘It’s because of the different generations. Their life seemed easier. Some things are not as hard as before, so sometimes they don’t care. This is not only at Man United. It happens to all clubs.

“But at Manchester United, what I saw with my own eyes was Diogo Dalot, he’s a very young professional. I think he’s going to have a long career. He’s young, smart, good wit. And of course it is difficult for anyone to do this.”