Lopetegui worry about Jimenez World Cup squad despite injury

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Lopetegui worry about Jimenez World Cup squad despite injury.

Julen Lopetegui has said he accepted Raul Jimenez’s decision to join the Mexican national team for the World Cup finals. Despite still having injuries

The 31-year-old striker has a disturbing groin injury. And he has played only 4 games for the team this season. However, he still received a call to the “Django” army for the World Cup finals. It is stated that Jimenez has spent the past month in Mexico. hometown to rehabilitate injuries And in last week’s international warm-up game, his name was also on the team. And that greatly upset Wolves. despite not playing in the said game

“I had a conversation with Raul about it. (World Cup squad) Obviously I’m worried about his condition. Because he hasn’t played for a very long time with the team. I want every player in the existing team. Raul was one of them. And I want the best version of the players too. I hope he will come back to us with the best readiness. I respect his decision. and national team coach But for me the most important thing is about Wolves.

Mexico joins Group C along with Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia in this round, with neither Javier Hernandez nor Chicharito recall. Manchester United joined the army this time.