Pep admits it’s not easy to face Leipzig in the Champions League

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Pep admits it’s not easy to face Leipzig in the Champions League.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed that his side’s Champions League last-16 draw against RB Leipzig was not an easy task for them, pointing out all teams. all strong and do not know what will happen after the 2022 World Cup ends Will there injure players?

The Blues are considered one of the favorites in the Champions League this season and many believe that Pep’s team should be able to pass Leipzig, having dueled last season in the group stage. In which the first game at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City collapsed 6-3 before losing 1-2 in the final game of the group stage

”We had experiences together last season. We’ll see what happened in February, how we got here, how they got here,” Pep said at a press conference ahead of Chelsea’s League Cup tie.

”But I have respect for what they do in German and European football.

”It’s the Champions League last 16 every team is strong in round. After the World Cup How did we feel during that time? In February a lot of things can happen.”

However, Manchester City has a queue to play in the League Cup third round against Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium. This Wednesday night at 3:00 am