Phil Foden feet weigh gold.

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Phil Foden feet weigh gold.

Phil Foden is in hot form. So it was no surprise that he was on the scoreboard as Manchester City overcame 2-1 in the 31st minute, making Foden’s tally now five goals in six games. The last includes all items.

There are calls for Pep Guardiola to deploy Foden in a more midfield role. But he showed again against Spurs that he is most dangerous when deployed wide.

While Dogu gave a tour of Spurs’ defense from the other end, Foden was free to get into dangerous areas time and time again. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Jack Grealish shows signs of not giving up his position easily

City may have discovered a new way to wreak havoc on opposing defenses this season: give the ball to Dogu!

The £55 million star moved from Rennes to replace Riyad Mahrez, but so far Dogu has shown outstanding form on the left wing, the same position as Grealish.

It is not a matter of Grealish having to sit on the bench. This is because of a drop in performance and fitness. But he did not disappoint Pep Guardiola after replacing Dogu. Who was injur.

Grealish may have initially irritated the home fans. When he was shown a yellow card in the 61st minute, But the drunk attacker score the crucial goal. The Blues led 3-2 in the 81st minute, although the score was tied. The yellow card in this game has resulted in Grealish being bann from playing against his former team, Aston Villa, in the next match, But this latest goal is a signal to Dogu that he is definitely not giving up his position easily.

City have dropped points in the league for 3 games in a row.

Based on their performance in the first half, it looked like City would easily win. And despite being equalized again, Grealish scored an important goal to give the team a 3-2 lead in the final 10 minutes, but with the defense being out of form lately, Kulusevski headed in to equalize before the game ended.

This draw makes City drop points in 3 consecutive matches in the league. And they have dropped to 3rd place, 3 points behind leaders Arsenal after 14 games.

The 3-point gap at this time may not be too much of a concern for the former champions like City, who beat Arsenal to win the championship last season. But conceding goals too easily can affect your chances of winning the championship as well.

City have now conceded 10 goals in their last four matches and no matter how good their offensive assets are, A defense that is ready to concede at any time will also cause Guardiola to worry.