Ronaldo offered him to 2 Calcio teams to consider.

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Ronaldo offered him to 2 Calcio teams to consider.

That Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo. The fifth-ranked Premier League team has made an offer for two. The famous team of the Kaloch Serie A battle to grab him to join the team. After having problems with the agency. According to a report from the UFABET.

After the Portuguese footballer just came out to give an interview to criticize the Red Devils and Erik ten Hag through Piers Morgan Uncensored, which aired all 2 episodes on Wednesday and Thursday. It has been reported in Italy that he has in talks with Napoli. Inter Milan to offer to join the team in the new year.

Basayi, who is a Calcio football correspondent, spoke about the matter on his YouTube channel, revealing that Ronaldo is considering returning to Serie A. Make proposals to 2 teams as report in the news. But was reject already

“Manchester United want to get rid of him presumably as a matter of breach of contract. Shortly after he came out for his last interview.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo has offered to Napoli, including Inter, would you like to take him for six months? If he gets sacked at United. He will able to leave for free.”

“He earns about 30 million euros a year. On a short six-month contract. He could offer at €15m, or even reduced to €10m. But Napoli and Inter have turn down offers from Ronaldo’s agent. Do is go,” said the Italian journalist.